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What services does a Kelowna dentist offer?

Dentists offer a wide range of services. They provide preventive dental services as well as treatment of a wide range of dental health complications. There are times when you feel like your teeth are not well aligned. You can regain your smile after consulting a dentist. The dentist will have a look at your teeth and suggest the best procedure to align them. Some of the common solutions he can recommend include braces and Invisalign. There are several factors the dentists will have to take into consideration before he can come up with the dental procedures. He will look at the age of the patient and the age. Here are some of the services a dentist can offer and their effects on your smile:

How can a Kelowna dentist improve my smile?

To improve the smile, the dentist will have to look for ways he can align the teeth. Lack of tooth alignment is associated with a lack of smile. You should not worry even if you feel like your teeth alignment does not make you enjoy a good smile. Here are some of the steps the professional can take:

Kelowna Dental Veneers

They are thin devices that are placed in front of the teeth to align them. With time, your teeth will become aligned, making you enjoy a good smile. They are effective in correcting small gaps that affect the smile. You will get the devices fitted in a Kelowna dentist's office, after which he will monitor the alignment process. Dental veneers are also applied to fill chips and cracks in teeth. Discoloration and coked teeth can affect your smile. The dentists will apply the surfaces to help you regain your smile. Accidents can lead to teeth cracks, and the devices are beneficial as corrective procedures.

Teeth Whitening

Discoloration on your teeth can make you feel uneasy when smiling. The teeth within the procedure can be performed by the dentist to clean the teeth and make them look great. There are home kits you can apply to clean the teeth, but they are not as effective as the treatment procedures you will get in the dentist's office. The dentist will ensure he carries out the treatment procedure to assure you of the cleanest teeth ever.

Dental Crowns

The crowns can repair and strengthen damaged teeth. The discolored teeth may be making you feel shy when smiling. The treatment procedure is highly effective in helping you clean the teeth. Use of ceramic or porcelain to make the crowns makes them very useful in improving your smile. They require minimal care, and they will make you enjoy a great smile.

Dental Implants

Missing teeth will affect your ability to chew and speak. A titanium post can be placed in the gap that was left after losing the teeth. The dentist will take into consideration the shape of your teeth before applying the implant. It is an effective method that works well to make you continue enjoying a good smile, just like how you used to smile before you slot the tooth. The doctor will have to check on conditions such as gum diseases before he can recommend a treatment procedure.


They act like implants to replace the mission teeth. Bridges are false teeth that are attached between two crowns. People opt for bridges when they are after teeth addition that is less permanent when compared to implants. A dentist will have to trim the teeth and place the bridges in such a way they will look like you never lost teeth. They are highly effective procedures you can get in a dentist's office to improve the smile.

Who is Dr. Bill Dorfman?

He is a famous cosmetic dentist who is well known worldwide. Apart from being a renowned dentist, he is also a lecture and author. In his book, the billion-dollar smile, he addresses several issues related to cosmetic dentistry.

What are the average dental costs in Kelowna British Columbia?

The average cost of dental services in Canada ranges from $80 to more than $800 based on the type of services. Small tooth filling will cost less, but complicated procedures such as root canal treatment will require more fees. It will depend on the type of services you would like to get from a dentist. Ensure you get the services from reputable dents who are ready to offer you the best dental services.

When to start dental hygiene?

You need to start dental care services in kids before their teeth appear. It is usually at the age of six months. There are several steps you can take to maintain a kid's oral hygiene. For instance, you need to wipe the baby's gum using a soft cloth. Brush the baby teeth twice a day after they erupt. Put the bottle away to prevent baby bottle tooth decay. Ensure you schedule your child's first dental appointment before their first birthday.

What is a crown for your tooth?

It is a cover the dentist will put on the tooth. You can use the crown to restore the tooth to its normal shape and size. Many dentists prefer the crown to make the teeth stronger and restore its function after it has been damaged or affected by the infection. Patients who are after ways they can improve their smile prefer the crowns.

When do you need a Root canal procedure?

You will need the endodontic procure after the inside of your teeth has been affected. If the pulp becomes inflamed or affected due to decay, you will need the root canal treatment to restore your teeth' function. Repeated failed dental procedures can necessitate the application of root canal treatment.

What is a dental bridge?

It is a dental restoration that can replace missing teeth. Dentists fix the bridge by joining two adjacent teeth; the two adjacent article teeth brings about a false appearance of teeth in between them. They are common procedures used to restore a good smile.

What is a bridge for?

It is used to replace missing teeth. Patients are fitted with the bridges to create an impression of false teeth. It is hard for someone to note you do not have teeth when the bridges are fitted well.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry with Veneers & Lumineers for men and women?

Yes, the veneers and Lumineers both work to protect the surface of the teeth. They can be applied in both genders, Lumineers and veneers come in porcelain and composite. You can apply them to replace the teeth.

What are the benefits of Invisalign braces?

You can get clear Invisalign to hide what you are wearing. Many people would not like others to know the dental procedures they are applying to. Your smile will not be affected after you go for the clear Invisalign. They are a comfortable option for those who would like to look great as they wear the teeth aligners.
Easy to clean
You need to clean the aligners. Traditional braces are hectic to maintain. It is a different case after you decide to go for the Invisalign. You can remove the Invisalign trays and clean them before you can reinstate them. Remember, you need to maintain a high level of hygiene so that your teeth treatment can work well. It is easy to maintain oral health after you go for the Invisalign.
Few dental office visits
Braces will require you to visit the dental office regularly so that they can be adjusted. The rubber bands on the metal braces require regular adjustment. It is a different case with the Invisalign. You will have the freedom to wear them for several months, and they will still align your teeth. There is no worry about regular dental office visits to have them working on your teeth. They are the convenient and time-saving method you can apply to straighten your teeth.
Comfortable teeth aligners
Invisalign does not expose your teeth to tension as they reposition the teeth. You will have a healthy teeth alignment procedure. Many people who are after ways they can comfortably align their teeth prefer the treatments. They are highly effective in making you enjoy healthy teeth. There is no scraping against the cheek, tongue, or gums as you work with the aligners.
Safe for all
Children, adults, and adolescents can apply Invisalign. Some dentists prefer over other types of aligners for kids rather than the Invisalign due to the handling. Kids can easily remove and misplace them. Many dentists prefer treatment due to their versatility. They work well in treating a wide range of dental complications in all people. You can apply them to women as well as men.

Fixes Dental Issues
The Invisalign is versatile. They work well to fix a wide range of teeth issues. For example, you can handle them to fix crowded teeth, the gap in teeth, misaligned teeth, among other issues that affect your smile. There are several dental issues you can set through the application of Invisalign. They are comfortable and easy to fit in your mouth.
How to find a teeth whitening dentist
There are several steps you should take to locate the best dentist. We have outlined the steps you can follow to locate the right dents below:
Ask family and friends
You may have close family and friends who have been serviced by a given dentist. You need to check out with them, and they will offer you recommendations. After you get the guidance, you need to go further and compare them before you can proceed to get a given dentist. In most cases, the recommendation works well because they will refer you to a person whom they have ever dealt with before.
Get a recommendation from a family doctor.
Your family doctor is in the best position to recommend you to the best dentist. Ask your doctor about the best way to get dental services, and he will recommend you to other specialists whom he has ever interacted with. Get the recommendation and make an effort to visit the dental office. Always ensure you get the advice from a doctor whom you trust. There are high chances your family doctor will know reputable dentists you can work with to enjoy good health.
Check out the British Columbia dental society website.
The BC dental society website will have a list of certified dentists. You can get one from such reputable resource sites. Try to interact with the dentists and get to know more about the services they offer. They can ask you to visit their offices for further consultation. You can visit the offices where you will get to interact with them and know more about the quality of the services they offer.

Check your health insurance.

You may like your insurance coverage to cover the costs. In such a case, you need to work with a dentist who can submit the claims to the insurance service provider. In case the dentist does not work with the insurance providers, ask whether they agree to offer services on payment plans. Check the plan and ensure you can afford it before you can proceed to get the dental services from the dentist.
Location of the office
Try to work with Kelowna Kettle Valley Family Dental whom you can easily reach in case of an emergency. It will be great to work with a dentist who has offices near your home. It will be easy to reach them and get quick services. Ensure the dentist you are about to make your family dentists have the necessary tools to guarantee your family members quality services.
Type of sedation
You would like to get sedation before you can get the tooth extraction process. Many family members fear the pain, and they prefer an office where they will get the best dental service with minimal discomfort. It is upon you to ask the dents, and you will know more about the quality of services they offer. Always go for dentists who will make it easy for you to enjoy the best dental services.
Plans for emergency
You may like to get emergency services. In such a case, you need to go for a dentist who can offer the services even during odd hours. They will refer you to other facilities; then, you need to ask and know whether it will be convenient for you to move from your home to the facility during odd hours.

How is Botox used in dentistry?

The application of Botox is aimed at complementing the dental services. For example, a parent may require Botox application as a way of treating high lip lines. Patients who face challenges adjusting to new dentures can get Botox application as an assistive procedure. The use of Botox aims at making dental procedures comfortable. Some procedures can stretch the jaw bone. The dentists will apply Botox to make them stay comfortable

What is the best type of dentures?

The best type of dentures is snap-in. They offer excellent stability because they are held securely into place. The use of dental implants and anchors make them very reliable in everyday applications. The dentures are comfortable and easy to maintain

How often should I have a dental exam and cleaning?

The teeth should be checked by a dentist at least once a year. It will depend on the condition of your teeth. If you have probes associated with your teeth, you can get frequent visits to the dentist's office. Maintain good oral hygiene, and it will be easy to minimize the dentist office visits. Ensure you visit the dentist as often as possible if you feel like there is any change in your teeth.

How can I keep my teeth whiter?

Try to brush the teeth at least twice a day. Floss each day, and the teeth will stay whiter. The coloration on your teeth is caused by plaque buildup. You can limit them from forming if you can carry out regular cleaning of the teeth. A whitening toothpaste should be applied to keep your teeth clean. The whitening toothpaste should be used at least twice a week.

What should my oral hygiene regimen be?

Maintain oral hygiene by brushing your teeth twice a day. Take time to brush thoroughly. Avoid any rush as you brush the teeth. Remember to clean the tongue as well during the teeth brushing process. Proper equipment is required during the teeth cleaning procedure. Practice proper cleaning techniques to keep your teeth clean. The brush and tongue scrapers should be kept clean at all times. Remember to replace your toothbrush regularly.

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